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Utilizing a ring shaped flying disc & Customized padded Guardian Staff, KinFlow can be played by all ages, genders and skill levels alike. With its fast paced Aerodynamic action, KinFlow stands alone as the most dynamic, engaging and inclusive sport in the World. Don’t take our word for it, check out some of our reviews, and better yet, check it out first hand for yourself & community

KinFlow is currently played at over 40 Elementary, Middle & High Schools primarily in Los Angeles, CA through multiple Enrichment partners, & is a featured activity for Camps, Leagues, Parties, Various Team Bonding experiences & Intramural Sports. Regardless of the platform, we are committed to providing the most cutting edge & exhilarating group flow sporting experience on Earth.  

KinFlow Leadership Team Building for After School All Stars LA



KinFlow™ is partnered with Peace Guardians to create a unique, play-based enrichment program for youth.


Take KinFlow™ to the next level with intentional skill building and collaborative team play.

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